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We have access to over 1.5 million different loose diamonds worldwide.Loose diamonds as the term infers means that the diamond is not in a setting.

There are a great many reasons to buy a loose diamond.Some people like to give loose diamonds as a present so that the recipent can build a ring around the diamond.Loose diamonds can like any other diamond be certified or uncertified but we at International prefer to sell certified stones.

One might ask is there anything wrong with an uncertified loose diamond.The answer is sometimes no as the diamond can look on the face of it as good as any other diamond but often the mine will have decided that it is not going to make certain criteria and that these stones will be sold off at a discount.Sometimes an uncertified loose diamond can be available at a very substantial discount so do not rule them out.Most reputable dealers offering loose diamonds will offer to upgrade them to loose diamond later on when the finances improve.

Some people prefer to sacrifice quality for size and the trick is to find a happy medium when buying your loose diamond certified or not.

In the modern world diamonds can be transported quickly and we can get a diamond from most parts of the earth within days!Once a loose diamond has been found we can build a setting to fit around it and this is done by creating a CAD.CADS or Computer aided designs often look unattractive because of their sheer size.Do not let this put you off the designs have to be of scale in order for the cad operator to be able to see them properly.

Good luck with finding your loose diamond.We supply both loose diamonds and the complete ring and are happy to do either.




Have you ever looked at two different diamond engagement  rings each with the same size stone and felt one was bigger than the other? Well if you did you weren’t imagining that they were different-they were!

Diamonds spread in different ways so a little chubby  one carat diamond can look the same size as a well spread 0.80 carat diamond.Cutters given a choice will always aim for a target weight to maximise the value of a diamond.

One carat diamonds spread from about 6.0 mils to 6.5 mils so there is almost a 10 per cent differential.There is also a price differential the 6.0 mil stone will have been bought much cheaper than the 6.5 mil stone.A reputable dealer will explain the difference.

The good news is that a well spread 0.90 carat stone will look identical from the face down to the observer so a saving can be made.Always ask about diamond spread when looking for your GIA HRD or IGI certified diamond as it has a considerable effect on appearance when you are trying to create your perfect ring!


Lets us know if you have any queries.


Best wishes


Peter Fitzpatrick

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