The eternity diamond ring, the perfect ring to go beside your engagement & wedding ring. In most cases nowadays ladies are more inclined to wear the half eternity ring which for some makes more sense as the diamonds or other stones go halfway or three quarters way round the finger because if it’s a full eternity band you cannot resize your diamond ring again as there is no space to do so & also some people find it a little uncomfortable when there are diamonds on the underside of the band. The half eternity covers enough of the top & sides of the finger to give the impression of a full one without the uncomfortability or double the expense almost !

Eternity diamond ring settings regardless of half or full eternity can have usually round brilliant cut diamonds set in a channel of say a white metal such as 18k white gold or platinum to match the wedding band & engagement ring. Settings such as claw setting or indeed diamond pave setting are also extremely popular. Claw setting is where each usually round brilliant cut diamond is individually clawed in either again usually four claws or six claws. Diamond pave set eternity bands are set into the metal & sometimes millgrained on the edges to give a nice vintage feel. The reason I suggest white gold is because whether you have an 18k yellow gold or even a rosegold engagement ring & wedding band, you will find it’s so much better to set your diamonds on the upper side of the eternity ring in a white metal as it doesn’t discolour your stunning white diamonds with the reflection of the yellow or rose gold as most jewellers will tell you. The top of your diamond eternity band can be claw set in 18k white gold & the shank as we call it in the business or half in this case can be yellow or rose gold without taking away the whiteness from your white diamonds. I mentioned using round brilliant cut diamonds more than other shapes as they are usually to match most rings, engagement rings which are eighty per cent centered with a round brilliant set diamond. The next most popular cut diamond for your perfect diamond eternity ring would be the princess cut diamond which can be channel set & claw set but usually more channel set for this particular style ring. The channel set diamond rings are probably the easiest to resize when more than a half size too.

Eternity rings do not have to be only set with diamonds as they can sometimes be set with sapphires or rubies alternating with diamonds depending the engagement ring they have to match which is usually worn on the same finger. Some people choose to wear the eternity ring on their other hand as they may want one that is bigger or wider than their wedding & engagement ring will allow due to the depth or height of them. The meaning of especially a full eternity ring symbolizes an infinity of love for your partner in the sense of full eternity rings which have the diamonds usually the full way round.

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