Diamonds as we know have a hardness level of 10 on the Mohs Scale & after that we have sapphires & rubies which have a hardness level of 9.

Sapphires are listed in the precious  stone group, unlike the amethysts & garnets  which are classed as semi-precious stones. Sapphires are known as corundum aswell which is a particular rock formation group. It is the second hardest mineral known to man which still makes it excellent for wearing everyday as an engagement ring or dress ring as it means it wouldn’t be easy to damage like an emerald or garnet even. Funny enough sapphire refers to all coloured gem varieties which are not red, including pink, blue or yellow as the usual colours being bought. They can also come in grey or green which are also quite breath-taking. The best sapphires would be of the clear variety like most stones, the clearer the better.

The most coveted sapphires in the world would be a Kashmir blue certified sapphire, which would be closely followed by Burmese certified sapphire also mid blue but apparently doesn’t change colour in artificial light & finally the Ceylon blue sapphire which is a soft pale to mid blue of the most beautiful kind. All these are named after the places they are found & mined, namely, Kashmir, Burma & Ceylon. The most valuable sapphires like any other stone is that it is natural in it’s colour & not heat treated which intensifies colour. The only way to know for sure is to have the stone certified. Princess Diana of late, brought popularity to the beautiful blue oval cut sapphire as does her daughter-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Windsor wearing the same ring now which has a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds around the sapphire.

The sapphire in bygone times was seen as a stone representing purity & wisdom. It also symbolizes today long term relationships with attributes like sincerity & faithfulness, loyalty & truth. The red version of this corundum is actually ruby!

That’s another days story.

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