Diamond Fluorescence is a much debated subject.Does it have an effect on  diamond?Is it something that one should be worried about when trying to purchase a diamond a create the perfect ring?

We could go on forever on the subject but a good overall conclusion is as follows.If a diamond has slight or very slight or faint fluorescence there is nothing to worry about.This will not affect the appearance of the diamond and can be ignored.If the fluorescence is medium to strong there is a case for concern as the diamond will often appear milky to the naked eye and it will have almost a crystal blue effect under ultra violet light.

In a survey among  some of the world leading gemologists there were divided almost equally as to whether or not the fluorescence had an effect on diamonds.In some cases gemologists were of the opinion that in some of the lower colours H-I that bit of fluorescence actually helped the appearance of the diamond.

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Peter Fitzpatrick

Diamond Dealer