Goodmorning once again to all jewellery enthusiasts !!! The perfect ring awaits you ! We have some new exquisite eternity diamond rings now in stock which make very beautiful additions to your wedding finger ! That’s certainly news to some men who think they are finished buying the obligatory rings after the engagement and wedding rings !!! Sorry guys ! However regardless of who is buying the ring for what reason, the eternity ring really gives a lovely symmetry to your other two diamond rings such as your engagement and wedding rings.

My advice to you when choosing a diamond eternity ring is to consider first of all if your wedding band is plain and if it is, you can bling yourself as much as you like. If you have a diamond set wedding band already, you must match it exactly if wanting the eternity band, especially for the same finger otherwise once again, you may choose anything you wish for the other hand. The reason for matching it exactly is because it throws the balance of your engagement ring and wedding band right off and therefore detracts from the beauty of the diamonds in your other two rings. It begins to almost confuse the focus on the centre of attention which would be your engagement ring ! Keep it classy !

If buying especially claw set diamond eternity rings, make sure the height of it is not too high if it has to be worn beside your engagement ring as it will create a gap and keep pushing away so if you like large and high set diamonds by all means get an eternity ring like this but wear it on your other hand and the sky is the limit once it’s the only ring on that finger. Claw settings are probably my favourite and at least 90% of the public prefer claw set rings because there is less metal obstructing the view and beauty of the diamond. The nicest claw setting in my opinion is one where there are no bars or baskets holding the diamond, just full side view of the diamond. Perfect !!!  The perfect ring !

There are a few more settings to consider for an eternity band such as a pave setting which has the diamond set into the metal/gold etc., of the band and sometimes milgrained around it and the edges of the band which gives it a very vintage feel. Channel set bands are very much another favourite and probably as regards sizing up and down to fit your finger over the years, it would be the easiest to size. Channel settings are literally one diamond after another set freely in a channel of metal/gold etc., They are lined up tightly to keep in place. Another gem of advice would be to buy a half eternity ring which basically means the diamonds whatever setting they are, that they go half way round your finger rather than the whole way around . The reason I say this is because it can be extremely uncomfortable for you if the diamonds are digging into your finger if for any reason you have to say carry something awkward or heavy and also you will end up banging every single diamond at some point as you won’t know which side is up!

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about buying your diamond eternity ring, your perfect ring for eternity !

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Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time, Peter.