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When considering buying a ring for yourself, look at your fingers as regards, length for example, are they long & thin ? Do they narrow after the knuckle etc., if you do have long narrow fingers it’s better to consider sometimes oblong shapes such as emerald cut diamonds which are rectangular & fill the space better on your finger, also keep in mind if you will be wearing one, two or three rings on your finger so you may not need to go for such a long stone if you are wearing a wedding band, eternity band & engagement ring on the same finger. I would also advise if contemplating an eternity band of say, claw set diamonds, it’s so much nicer to put this ring on first, then say your plain wedding band & then your engagement ring as it gives breathing space between both your diamond rings which can take from eachother visually ! If you find your fingers narrow after the knuckle which means the ring becomes top heavy, you should consider beads inside the back of the ring, which I have had myself to stop it turning & annoying you as I personally find the beads grip you better, so if it’s a yellow gold ring, you get yellow gold beads & likewise if it’s white gold, you get white gold beads.

If contemplating buying an engagement ring, I would always consider if the ring I like needs a cut-out wedding band in the future or shaping around said engagement ring .Preferably, I would always go for a wed fit ring as it means it can take a straight wedding band alongside, so usually these engagement rings would be a slightly higher setting so they can rise above the band comfortably. Another thing to keep in mind is if you like yellow gold, by all means get it but what we in the business call the shank which is the part that fits around your finger, keep that in yellow gold & then if wanting white diamonds or any other cold colours such as blues & greens, set the top of the ring in white gold, again preferably 18k white gold as you don’t want the yellow gold yellowing your white diamonds. If you want yellow diamonds, set them in yellow gold & if you want pink sapphires, rose gold or even white gold.

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