We are often asked about the market for Engagement Rings in Dublin and as to whether or not is it competitive.The answer we believe is yes and increasingly so.There are a huge range of stores selling diamond rings and all sorts of other Jewellery. The internet has made it easier for new entrants as an industry once clouded in secrecy becomes more transparent.That being said sound advice is always a good idea as a little knowledge can be dangerous!A competent Dublin supplier will be anxious not to sent you abroad but seeking an excessive margin!

Having said that some places appear to be cheap but are they? Most of our customers want value but not cheap.Most customers want value but service too.Is there anything more annoying than going into a retail store and being ignored!!

If you are coming in to see a Jeweller it is really helpful if you have had a look at the engagement rings available in Dublin and elsewhere for that matter and in particular what setting you want.Someone who is a buyer as opposed to a shopper wont be ignored.The smart dealer will spot this and be unlikely to turn the buyer into a shopper

One of the most frustrating things about Ireland is that we are an Island and therefore things can take time to arrive.An Phost and Royal mail do however offer a splendid service and most items can be delivered to Ireland within a day or two using this service or couriers.

Most diamond suppliers ( particularly for larger stones) will send Jewellers in Dublin a diamond as what is known as old fashioned appro!! This means the Jeweller should be able to show you the stone before it is set.A lot of Jewellery is pre set but take it from us its much easier to take a proper look before the stone is in the setting!!

We recently sold a ring to an American who was here on secondment.I asked him why he hadn’t bought In New York and he said that there we as a dealer were offering was as good or better and than in his home country.We thanked him for his business and told him he was making a difference by shopping here with us.Shouldn’t we all be trying to shop at home and keep the business local- if you are from Dublin-buy that engagement ring in Dublin it does make a difference!!The local supplier wants your business.

No matter who makes your ring things happen.A key issue of many of the insurance companies is that you get your diamond checked annually to make sure the stone is safe in its setting.Not so easy to do if the supplier is a few thousand miles away-this could literally end up with a company refusing to pay out on the basis that you wee negligent by not having the security of the ring checked.
Engagement rings are for life and like everything else in life they will need maintenance-little point in having your perfect ring and not being able to keep it that way.
Remember this is a lifetime decision not something for an engagement party.The ring is something you will want to keep and care for throughout your life not really worth trying to cut corners.

Happy Buying !