Have you ever looked at two different diamond engagement  rings each with the same size stone and felt one was bigger than the other? Well if you did you weren’t imagining that they were different-they were!

Diamonds spread in different ways so a little chubby  one carat diamond can look the same size as a well spread 0.80 carat diamond.Cutters given a choice will always aim for a target weight to maximise the value of a diamond.

One carat diamonds spread from about 6.0 mils to 6.5 mils so there is almost a 10 per cent differential.There is also a price differential the 6.0 mil stone will have been bought much cheaper than the 6.5 mil stone.A reputable dealer will explain the difference.

The good news is that a well spread 0.90 carat stone will look identical from the face down to the observer so a saving can be made.Always ask about diamond spread when looking for your GIA HRD or IGI certified diamond as it has a considerable effect on appearance when you are trying to create your perfect ring!


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