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We have access to over 1.5 million different loose diamonds worldwide.Loose diamonds as the term infers means that the diamond is not in a setting.

There are a great many reasons to buy a loose diamond.Some people like to give loose diamonds as a present so that the recipent can build a ring around the diamond.Loose diamonds can like any other diamond be certified or uncertified but we at International prefer to sell certified stones.

One might ask is there anything wrong with an uncertified loose diamond.The answer is sometimes no as the diamond can look on the face of it as good as any other diamond but often the mine will have decided that it is not going to make certain criteria and that these stones will be sold off at a discount.Sometimes an uncertified loose diamond can be available at a very substantial discount so do not rule them out.Most reputable dealers offering loose diamonds will offer to upgrade them to loose diamond later on when the finances improve.

Some people prefer to sacrifice quality for size and the trick is to find a happy medium when buying your loose diamond certified or not.

In the modern world diamonds can be transported quickly and we can get a diamond from most parts of the earth within days!Once a loose diamond has been found we can build a setting to fit around it and this is done by creating a CAD.CADS or Computer aided designs often look unattractive because of their sheer size.Do not let this put you off the designs have to be of scale in order for the cad operator to be able to see them properly.

Good luck with finding your loose diamond.We supply both loose diamonds and the complete ring and are happy to do either.




People often think that diamond mines must make a fortune from the loose diamonds they mine.They think that the profits from uncut diamonds must be massive.The reality is more different.

Did you know that 85 per cent of the diamonds that are mined are only suitable for Industry.This leaves us with 15 per cent available for the jewellery industry and imagine refining that into colour grades cut grades and clarity and you will have an idea as to how imperfect the average diamond is.It is only the really good quality stones that make it into the top dealers and suppliers and this is a tiny percentage.

Only one diamond in a million is a carat of more.A one carat diamond can often cost 3-5 times the price of a half carat diamond .The average mine costs about 1 billion to identify and a further 1 billion to develop.Some of the stones are up to 5 miles below the earth’s surface.

Mines hope they they will hit the big one and unearth a 50 to 100 carat stone but they are rare.

The young diamonds are 100 million years old and some of the older ones up to 200 million years old-so the next time you see a diamond show some respect! Your bespoke diamond will sparkle nicely on your perfect ring wouldnt you having been in the dark for 100 million years or more




At the time of writing Britain has voted to leave the European Union.Sterling has slipped considerable against the euro and the dollar.Diamonds like oil are priced in dollars and therefore Jewellery prices will rise in the UK as suppliers are having to pay close to 20 per cent more than previously for their stock and therefore will have to pass on the cost.Diamonds usually make up the vast majority of the ost of an engagement ring of piece of Jewellery .Gold too has risen but this will have a much smaller impact.

Some jewellers will possibly sell stock at the old price and price up replacement stock. It seems therefore that if something appears to be good value this is the time to buy!


As the name suggests is a solitaire with a ring of diamonds around it.The ring makes the centre diamond appear larger than it actually is.There are various types of halo rings  and these can be made with any diamond but the round brilliant cut halo ring is probably the most popular.

The Halo ring is usually quite raised to accommodate a wedding band but it can also be lower set but this will require a custom made wedding band or at least a shaped wedding band.There is no right and wrong with this it is just personal preference as to whether to have the ring wed fit or not.

By wed fit we mean wedding ring friendly in that the halo engagement ring fits flush against the the halo ring.

We recommend that Halo rings be made in white gold as it is a bit more shock absorbent that platinum.The Halo ring is more likely to get the odd knock as it is raised more than is normal. The worst that we have seen is the odd diamond on the band become loose but these are not difficult to replace.

For your perfect halo engagement ring come and see us in Dublin’s Diamond District !!!


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