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As the name suggests is a solitaire with a ring of diamonds around it.The ring makes the centre diamond appear larger than it actually is.There are various types of halo rings  and these can be made with any diamond but the round brilliant cut halo ring is probably the most popular.

The Halo ring is usually quite raised to accommodate a wedding band but it can also be lower set but this will require a custom made wedding band or at least a shaped wedding band.There is no right and wrong with this it is just personal preference as to whether to have the ring wed fit or not.

By wed fit we mean wedding ring friendly in that the halo engagement ring fits flush against the the halo ring.

We recommend that Halo rings be made in white gold as it is a bit more shock absorbent that platinum.The Halo ring is more likely to get the odd knock as it is raised more than is normal. The worst that we have seen is the odd diamond on the band become loose but these are not difficult to replace.

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Have you ever looked at two different diamond engagement  rings each with the same size stone and felt one was bigger than the other? Well if you did you weren’t imagining that they were different-they were!

Diamonds spread in different ways so a little chubby  one carat diamond can look the same size as a well spread 0.80 carat diamond.Cutters given a choice will always aim for a target weight to maximise the value of a diamond.

One carat diamonds spread from about 6.0 mils to 6.5 mils so there is almost a 10 per cent differential.There is also a price differential the 6.0 mil stone will have been bought much cheaper than the 6.5 mil stone.A reputable dealer will explain the difference.

The good news is that a well spread 0.90 carat stone will look identical from the face down to the observer so a saving can be made.Always ask about diamond spread when looking for your GIA HRD or IGI certified diamond as it has a considerable effect on appearance when you are trying to create your perfect ring!


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The eternity diamond ring, the perfect ring to go beside your engagement & wedding ring. In most cases nowadays ladies are more inclined to wear the half eternity ring which for some makes more sense as the diamonds or other stones go halfway or three quarters way round the finger because if it’s a full eternity band you cannot resize your diamond ring again as there is no space to do so & also some people find it a little uncomfortable when there are diamonds on the underside of the band. The half eternity covers enough of the top & sides of the finger to give the impression of a full one without the uncomfortability or double the expense almost !

Eternity diamond ring settings regardless of half or full eternity can have usually round brilliant cut diamonds set in a channel of say a white metal such as 18k white gold or platinum to match the wedding band & engagement ring. Settings such as claw setting or indeed diamond pave setting are also extremely popular. Claw setting is where each usually round brilliant cut diamond is individually clawed in either again usually four claws or six claws. Diamond pave set eternity bands are set into the metal & sometimes millgrained on the edges to give a nice vintage feel. The reason I suggest white gold is because whether you have an 18k yellow gold or even a rosegold engagement ring & wedding band, you will find it’s so much better to set your diamonds on the upper side of the eternity ring in a white metal as it doesn’t discolour your stunning white diamonds with the reflection of the yellow or rose gold as most jewellers will tell you. The top of your diamond eternity band can be claw set in 18k white gold & the shank as we call it in the business or half in this case can be yellow or rose gold without taking away the whiteness from your white diamonds. I mentioned using round brilliant cut diamonds more than other shapes as they are usually to match most rings, engagement rings which are eighty per cent centered with a round brilliant set diamond. The next most popular cut diamond for your perfect diamond eternity ring would be the princess cut diamond which can be channel set & claw set but usually more channel set for this particular style ring. The channel set diamond rings are probably the easiest to resize when more than a half size too.

Eternity rings do not have to be only set with diamonds as they can sometimes be set with sapphires or rubies alternating with diamonds depending the engagement ring they have to match which is usually worn on the same finger. Some people choose to wear the eternity ring on their other hand as they may want one that is bigger or wider than their wedding & engagement ring will allow due to the depth or height of them. The meaning of especially a full eternity ring symbolizes an infinity of love for your partner in the sense of full eternity rings which have the diamonds usually the full way round.

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Diamonds as we know have a hardness level of 10 on the Mohs Scale & after that we have sapphires & rubies which have a hardness level of 9.

Sapphires are listed in the precious  stone group, unlike the amethysts & garnets  which are classed as semi-precious stones. Sapphires are known as corundum aswell which is a particular rock formation group. It is the second hardest mineral known to man which still makes it excellent for wearing everyday as an engagement ring or dress ring as it means it wouldn’t be easy to damage like an emerald or garnet even. Funny enough sapphire refers to all coloured gem varieties which are not red, including pink, blue or yellow as the usual colours being bought. They can also come in grey or green which are also quite breath-taking. The best sapphires would be of the clear variety like most stones, the clearer the better.

The most coveted sapphires in the world would be a Kashmir blue certified sapphire, which would be closely followed by Burmese certified sapphire also mid blue but apparently doesn’t change colour in artificial light & finally the Ceylon blue sapphire which is a soft pale to mid blue of the most beautiful kind. All these are named after the places they are found & mined, namely, Kashmir, Burma & Ceylon. The most valuable sapphires like any other stone is that it is natural in it’s colour & not heat treated which intensifies colour. The only way to know for sure is to have the stone certified. Princess Diana of late, brought popularity to the beautiful blue oval cut sapphire as does her daughter-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Windsor wearing the same ring now which has a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds around the sapphire.

The sapphire in bygone times was seen as a stone representing purity & wisdom. It also symbolizes today long term relationships with attributes like sincerity & faithfulness, loyalty & truth. The red version of this corundum is actually ruby!

That’s another days story.

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We are often asked about the market for Engagement Rings in Dublin and as to whether or not is it competitive.The answer we believe is yes and increasingly so.There are a huge range of stores selling diamond rings and all sorts of other Jewellery. The internet has made it easier for new entrants as an industry once clouded in secrecy becomes more transparent.That being said sound advice is always a good idea as a little knowledge can be dangerous!A competent Dublin supplier will be anxious not to sent you abroad but seeking an excessive margin!

Having said that some places appear to be cheap but are they? Most of our customers want value but not cheap.Most customers want value but service too.Is there anything more annoying than going into a retail store and being ignored!!

If you are coming in to see a Jeweller it is really helpful if you have had a look at the engagement rings available in Dublin and elsewhere for that matter and in particular what setting you want.Someone who is a buyer as opposed to a shopper wont be ignored.The smart dealer will spot this and be unlikely to turn the buyer into a shopper

One of the most frustrating things about Ireland is that we are an Island and therefore things can take time to arrive.An Phost and Royal mail do however offer a splendid service and most items can be delivered to Ireland within a day or two using this service or couriers.

Most diamond suppliers ( particularly for larger stones) will send Jewellers in Dublin a diamond as what is known as old fashioned appro!! This means the Jeweller should be able to show you the stone before it is set.A lot of Jewellery is pre set but take it from us its much easier to take a proper look before the stone is in the setting!!

We recently sold a ring to an American who was here on secondment.I asked him why he hadn’t bought In New York and he said that there we as a dealer were offering was as good or better and than in his home country.We thanked him for his business and told him he was making a difference by shopping here with us.Shouldn’t we all be trying to shop at home and keep the business local- if you are from Dublin-buy that engagement ring in Dublin it does make a difference!!The local supplier wants your business.

No matter who makes your ring things happen.A key issue of many of the insurance companies is that you get your diamond checked annually to make sure the stone is safe in its setting.Not so easy to do if the supplier is a few thousand miles away-this could literally end up with a company refusing to pay out on the basis that you wee negligent by not having the security of the ring checked.
Engagement rings are for life and like everything else in life they will need maintenance-little point in having your perfect ring and not being able to keep it that way.
Remember this is a lifetime decision not something for an engagement party.The ring is something you will want to keep and care for throughout your life not really worth trying to cut corners.

Happy Buying !